ERC20 Token Transfer


You can set up this type of Alert to receive notifications whenever an ERC20 transfer event is emitted in one of your contracts.


Follow these steps to get notified every time someone sends you tokens:
  • First, you should add the ERC20 Smart Contract to your Project. There are several options for adding a new contract to your Project.
  • Next, click Alerting in the side navigation โ€”> New Alert โ€”> ERC20 Token Transfer โ€”> Address โ€”> Select Address โ€”> Find & Choose the preferred Smart Contract โ€”> Set the direction value to "to" โ€”> Paste your address โ€”> Next โ€”> Choose an Alert Destination โ€”> Save.
  • Receive notifications whenever someone sends you a selected ERC20 token.
  • Further adjust your Alert by changing its name, adding multiple destinations, setting up an alert level, and writing a description.
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