ETH Balance


This alert type notifies you when the ETH balance of an address falls below a certain threshold.
This alert is triggered only when a transaction reduces the balance of the address below the specified threshold. It won't be triggered while the balance is below the set threshold.


Here's how you can create this type of alert and start receiving notifications when the contract balance falls below a certain threshold.
  • Once you add the contract, go to Alerting in the side navigation โ€”> New Alert โ€”> ETH Balance โ€”> Address โ€”> Select Address โ€”>Find & choose the needed Smart Contract โ€”> Enter a threshold in Wei โ€”> Next โ€”>Choose an Alert Destination โ€”> Save.
  • After implementing the previous steps, youโ€™ll get a notification whenever the contract balance falls below the specified threshold.
  • Explore different ways to edit your newly created Alert. You can update its name, add a description, set up an alert level, or choose multiple destinations.
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