Event Emit


This alert type triggers whenever a specific event is emitted in one of your contracts.


Letโ€™s get notified every time a spender is granted rights to withdraw tokens from an owner.
  • Add an ERC20 Smart Contract to Project. You can see here how to Add a new contract to your Project.
  • Go to Alerting in the side navigation โ€”> New Alert โ€”> Event Emit โ€”> Address โ€”> Select Address โ€”> Find the ERC20 Smart Contract โ€”>Choose the contract โ€”> Choose the Approval event โ€”> Next โ€”> Choose an Alert Destination โ€”> Save.
  • Once done, you'll get a notification whenever a call to approve sets the spender allowance for an owner.
  • After creating an Alert, you can further customize it by changing its name, writing a description, setting a level, and adding more destinations. You can do this by editing the Alert in a few steps.
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