Whitelisted Callers


This alert type notifies you whenever an address that's not whitelisted calls one of your contracts.


Follow this example to set up an Alert that will notify you every time someone who isn't on the whitelist calls your Smart Contract.
  • Then, click Alerting in the side navigation โ€”> New Alert โ€”> Whitelisted Callers โ€”> Address โ€”> Select Address โ€”> Find & Choose the needed Smart Contract โ€”> Paste the address & click the Add button โ€”> Next โ€”> Choose an Alert Destination โ€”> Save.
  • After you set this up, you'll receive notifications whenever someone who isn't whitelisted calls one of your contracts.
  • If you'd like to further adjust your Alert, you can change its name, add a description, choose multiple destinations, and pick an alert level. This is available in the Edit Alert section.
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