Configuring Alert Destinations
Alert destinations need to be set up only once per organization, then it is available for all projects.

All destinations are shared account-wide on all projects. If you edit or delete a destination it will be applied to all projects and active rules.

Open Destinations tab:


Go to Alerting -> Destinations and click on Email to add a new email for alert delivery:
You will get a verification request to your email, copy or click on the link to confirm verification and that's it, your alerting notification will now be delivered to this email as well.


You can connect Tenderly with your Slack workspace and get real-time notifications when an alert rule matches a transaction. Connecting multiple channels is also supported so you can route certain rules to specific channels.
Navigate to a project and go to the Alerts tab.
Click on Destinations.
Finally click on Slack and then Connect Slack.
You will be greeted with the Slack permissions screen where you will pick to which channel you want your notification to get delivered.
And that's it! Now when a transaction matches a configured alert rule you will get a notification instantly delivered to your Slack channel.
Check out how to create an Alert here.​


Go to Alerting -> Destinations and click on Telegram to add a new Telegram channel for alert delivery:
And just follow the onscreen instructions:


Go to Alerting -> Destinations and click on Discord to connect a Discord channel for alert delivery.
Firstly you will need to open your Discord, go to Settings -> Integrations -> New Webhook, name it and choose a Discord delivery channel, and copy the Webhook URL back into Tenderly:


It is pretty straightforward when it comes to adding a new alert destination but let's go over it. On your Tenderly Dashboard go to Alerting, which can be found under Monitoring, choose the Destinations tab:
  • Now that you can see all the available Destinations pick Sentry.
  • A window will pop-up which will ask you for your DSN Address and a Label for you to choose ("You can find your project’s DSN in the “Client Keys” section of your “Project Settings” in Sentry").
And voilà! Your Sentry project is now connected with Tenderly:


All you have to do is go to the "Destinations" tab as you would do for Sentry, pick PagerDuty and click on "Connect PagerDuty":
You will get redirected to PagerDuty's page, where you can approve Tenderly as a source.
If done correctly, PagerDuty should be under your Active Destinations.

Web3 Actions

An alert trigger means your action will be used as a destination for the alert.
type: alert
alert: {}
A single action can be used as a destination for multiple alerts.