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โ€‹Tenderly is a comprehensive Ethereum Developer Platform for real-time monitoring, alerting, debugging, and simulating Smart Contracts.
Some of the notable features that Tenderly supports:
โ€‹Web3 Actions
Run your code in response to on-chain (or even off-chain) events, usually on your smart contracts.
You can use Web3 Actions to create custom scenarios in order to further deepen your debugging process, create alerting patterns that are not available out-of-the-box in the Alerting section, automating testing or live production execution in the Simulator and Forks, or anything else that comes to (your) mind.
โ€‹Wallet Monitoringโ€‹
Use all of Tenderly platform features with any wallet address!
โ€‹Transaction filteringโ€‹
Sort and group transactions by any parameter you want and make it easier to explore and analyze robust data.
โ€‹Visual Debuggerโ€‹
Inspect the transaction execution with a couple of clicks and instantly find the line your transaction reverted on.
โ€‹State Inspectorโ€‹
See the state of your contract at any point in a transaction and explore state changes in a granular view.
Visualize and analyze the behaviour of your Smart Contract to spot patterns and gain a deeper insight into transaction data.
โ€‹Real-time Alertingโ€‹
Any time an event triggers your custom set of rules you will receive a notification on your favorite channels like Slack, Email, PagerDuty, etc.
โ€‹Gas Profilerโ€‹
Get a granular gas usage breakdown to help you optimize your Smart Contracts and lower the gas cost of your transactions.
Know how your transactions will behave before you execute them, estimate the gas usage and test potential bug fixes.
Take your simulations a step further by creating a temporary fork of any supported network and execute multiple transactions in a row to test their behaviour.
Use our powerful API to access real-time blockchain data necessary for your business. Integrate Tenderly with your product to deliver more value faster.
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