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Forks Quickstart

Tenderly Forks are a lightweight blockchain replica where you can run transaction simulations. You can base your Fork on one of Tenderly’s supported networks and any of the blocks in a specific network’s history. All transactions you simulate through Forks are recorded in an isolated timeline, and available in Tenderly Debugger.

Each time you create a Tenderly Fork, you get 10 accounts, each with a balance of 100 test tokens.

You can use Forks through:

  • The Fork UI for an IDE-like experience. Follow the Using Forks UI guide to get started.
  • The Fork JSON RPC that allows you to use Forks as a lightweight blockchain provider. This way, you can:
    • Interact with Forks via Ethers.js. Follow the Using Forks with Ethers.js guide to learn more.
    • Integrate the RPC into a Hardhat project by using it as a network URL in hardhat.config. You can use that network to test your deployment scripts and/or run smart contract tests. Explore this example hardhat project for details.
    • Integrate the RPC in a dapp UI by using the Fork URL as a provider. See this example project.

All transactions you send to fork will be visible in the Dashboard, and you can view them using the Debugger.

Tenderly Docs

Transactions sent to a Tenderly Fork

Customizing Tenderly Fork

Additionally, you can do various custom actions on a Fork: