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Debugging Transactions on TestNets

Tenderly Debugger is supported on transactions executed on the Virtual TestNet. You can use it to inspect and debug transactions executed on your TestNet with the same functionalities as if you were debugging real transactions.

For Debugger to work, it needs to come from a contract that has been verified on the parent network, Tenderly, or on the TestNet.

Access Debugger by clicking on any transaction in the TestNet Explorer and then on Debugger.

How can Debugger help you find and fix transaction errors?

  • Navigate through the function calls of any transaction.
  • Analyze emitted events and state changes.
  • Get accurate gas usage details with Gas Profiler.

If debugging reveals a logical error in the smart contract you’re inspecting, you can use Simulator UI with Edit Source Code to run the failing transaction against bug-fixed code. This is a quick way to validate the bug fix before applying it to the code-base and re-deploying.