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Add TestNet to Wallets

Adding TestNets To Wallets

Virtual TestNets can be added as providers in wallets like Metamask. This allows you to interact with the TestNet through a wallet to send and receive funds between accounts.

When creating a Virtual TestNet, it’s recommended to set a different chain ID from the parent chain ID. For example, if you’re creating a TestNet that uses Mainnet as the base network (chainID 1), specify a different chainID: 73571.

Adding a TestNet as a provider in MetaMask

From the TestNets dashboard,

  1. Click Add to MetaMask. This will work if you configure your TestNet with a unique chain ID.
  2. Follow the instructions in Metamask and approve the network.

To manually add Virtual TestNets to MetaMask’s list of available networks, follow these steps:

  1. Create a TestNet with a custom chain ID.
  2. Copy the Public RPC link.
  3. Open MetaMask and click the network selector.
  4. Click Add network, and in the next window click Add a network manually.
  5. Select an arbitrary name (e.g. Virtual Mainnet).
  6. Paste the RPC URL.
  7. Paste the chain ID you chose.
  8. Paste the block explorer URL.
  9. Click Save.