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RPC Request Builder

RPC Request Builder

The RPC Request Builder in Tenderly Node lets you execute RPC methods in your browser. Check out the list of all supported RPC methods on Tenderly Node in our RPC Reference.

In this quick guide, you’ll learn how to use the RPC Request Builder to query the Ethereum Mainnet to get the number of the latest block.

Go to Tenderly Node

Log into the Tenderly Dashboard and click Node on the left-side menu. This is where you’ll find a list of all the supported networks and their corresponding RPC URLs.

Node networks

The access token is managed automatically for you and appended to the end of the RPC URL.

Scroll down to reveal the RPC Request Builder.

Node request builder

Select the Ethereum Mainnet network

From the first drop-down, select the Ethereum Mainnet.

Node select network

Select the eth_blockNumber RPC method

From the second dropdown, select eth_blockNumber. This JSON RPC method will return the latest block number on the network.

Node select RPC method

Send the request

Click Send Request. The result with the latest block number will show up in the lower pane. Results are shown in JSON RPC response format.

Node select RPC method

View decoded results

Click the Decoded tab to see results in a more human-readable form.

Node select RPC method

Run from the Terminal

In the Request Preview click cURL and click Copy. You can also copy the Ethers.js for JavaScript and for Python code snippets.

The cURL command calling the eth_blockNumber will be in your clipboard.

Running the cURL request

Open the Terminal, paste the command, and hit Enter.

You just queried the Ethereum Mainnet to get the number of the latest block using Tenderly Node.