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Smart Contract Analytics
Analytics Overview

Analytics Overview

With Tenderly transaction debugging, monitoring, and alerting features, you can know exactly what happened, the instant it happens. With the Analytics, you can get useful insights across all transactions in your project:

There are three types of analytics in Tenderly:

  • General analytics: Use the intuitive analytics builder to visualize on-chain data such as gas usage, DAU/WAU/MAU, Value transferred over time, Events emitted, Top functions calls, Contracts that called you the most, etc.\

  • Custom queries: Have a query that isn’t possible through the builder in the dashboard? No problem! Our team can pull any on-chain data, no matter how complex. You can even consume this data via an API and show it to your users.\

  • Custom scripts: Need some complex logic to happen for each transaction? Off-chain data would be useful to visualize next to your on-chain data? All of the above is possible with our custom scripts feature, which enables you to execute arbitrary code for each transaction relevant to your project.