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FAQ: Alerts

I’ve been trying to verify my email as a destination for alerts/Web3 Actions but every time I click the link in my email, it shows up as an invalid verification code.

Try opening the verification link in a new browser tab where you’re already logged into the Dashboard. If this doesn’t work, please contact our support team via the in-app chat or

If we get back a non 2xx response from a webhook as a destination for one of our alerts, will our alerts try to hit it again?

Alerts and Web3 Actions have a retry mechanism in place and will retry five times.

Learn more about using webhooks as an Alert destination here.

Does the event emitted type of alert work with an unverified contracts?

Setting up an Even Emitted Alert type is possible only for contracts that are verified through ABI verification or source code verification.

Learn more about contract verification on Tenderly here.

Why aren’t all events visible when I create an event emitted alert type on a proxy contract?

If you want to create an event or function alert type on a proxy contract, both the proxy and its implementation have to be added to your project in order for all events to be visible.

How do notifications work for the balance change alert type?

Will an alert be triggered if an account has 0.51 Ether and it sends a transaction to a smart contract, paying a transaction fee of 0.02 to the validators (the new balance is 0.49 ETH)?

Yes, the alert will be triggered when the balance drops below 0.5 ETH.

Will an alert be triggered if an account already has less than 0.5 Ether? For example, if an account has 0.1 Ether and receives an additional 0.1 from another account (the new balance is 0.2 ETH)?

No, the alert won’t get triggered if the balance continues to decrease. However, if the balance goes above 0.5 Ether and then drops below this threshold, the alert will be triggered.