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FAQ: Forks

Migrate to Virtual TestNets

Virtual TestNets are publicly available!
For new projects, we recommend starting with TestNets.
For automatic migration of Forks to TestNets, .

Can I simulate transactions originating from arbitrary addresses? Will the state persist?

Yes, all addresses are unlocked by default. This means you can simulate transactions from any address to any address. On Forks and DevNets, the state will persist after the simulation. So, there’s no need to impersonate any address since you can just run simulations and see the outcome of any possible transaction.

Can I restore a deleted fork?

Deleted forks cannot be restored at the moment.

Is there a way to programmatically generate a publicly shareable URL using the Tenderly Fork API?

Yes. To learn more about sharing transactions, simulations, or entire public DevNet and Fork runs, please read this post.

Is it possible to transfer assets from Forks to the Ethereum network?

Tenderly Forks are a type of blockchain replica that allows you to simulate transactions. All Fork transactions are simulated within that environment and not actually executed. So, you cannot transfer assets from a Fork to Ethereum.

Do assets in a wallet on a Fork have real value?

The assets in a wallet on a Fork have no real value since they’re simulated within your Fork environment.

Can you send me some ETH for testing purposes?

You can increase the balance of any address using the “Fund Accounts” button available in your development environments in the Tenderly Dashboard.

Also, you can use custom RPC methods tenderly_setBalance and tenderly_addBalance to manage balances. Learn more about our custom RPC methods.