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Debugger Chrome Extension

Debugger Chrome Extension

The extension itself is pretty straightforward - when installed, the link to open and view a transaction in Tenderly will pop up next to a transaction hash on any of the block explorers. You can download it on the following link 👇

This Chrome (and Brave) extension allows you to open/view transactions from any block explorer in Tenderly Debugger with just one click - so you can instantly inspect, decode and debug transactions in-depth with features such as:

- Execution Trace (Call and Function Traces), with commenting and prioritization of traces for easier collaboration.

- Detailed Gas Profiler with granular breakdown of gas spending down to a single call.

- Advanced Search with filtering across types (Op Code, Function, Variable…).

- Ability to easily (Re)Simulate any transaction (or transaction batches) by changing any or all of the parameters/states.

- See the transaction outcome even before it is processed on-chain with complete Mempool access.

Jump into any transaction on 35+ supported networks and see how they execute, what are the outputs and follow everything that happens on EVM-based blockchains.

See how you can optimize gas costs for individual transactions or transaction batches. Debug errors with pinpoint precision, test potential hack/bug fixes and code optimizations.

We don’t really like to toot our own horn in this way, but the level of detail present in Tenderly Debugger doesn’t exist anywhere else and reduces development time by orders of magnitude (for real). Enjoy :)