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FAQ: Simulations

Can I delete a simulation?

No, simulations cannot be deleted. Feel free to contact support via the in-app chat or should you have additional questions.

Can I advance a block number/timestamp in a simulation?

Yes, you can advance the block number or timestamp in a simulation. To do this, please follow these steps.

Can I simulate transactions on behalf of a user without their private key? In other words, can I simulate transactions originating from arbitrary addresses?

In simulations, all addresses are unlocked by default. This means you can simulate transactions from any address to any address.

Learn more about how to use Transaction Simulator in development and testing here.

What is the correct format of a tuple when simulating a transaction via the Dashboard?

The format for tuples is JSON. Here’s an example of a tuple:

  "tokenIn": "0x3Df2f692132f55b97cc9DA04A1fFFEA82F511333",
  "tokenOut": "0x31254874432f55b97cc9DA04A1fFFEA82F5d7122",
  "fee": 100,
  "recipient": "0x3D555552132f55b97cc9DA04A1fFFEA82F5d7122",
  "deadline": 1630403200,
  "amountIn": 10000,
  "amountOutMinimum": 9000,
  "sqrtPriceLimitX96": 7894561250

An example from Simulator UI: