Teams & Collaboration


To invite someone to your project, go to the Collaborators tab and click Add Collaborator.
There you'll be able to pick the permissions the newly added Collaborator has for this project.
After you click Add Collaborator, an e-mail with the invitation is sent immediately.
And don't worry, if your friend doesn't have a Tenderly account, they will be on-boarded and added to your project in less then a minute!


When you join an organization, you get all of the Tenderly tools you know and love, but supercharged and catered towards teams:
  • All of your projects in one place: context switching has never been so easy, go to your organization's dashboard and jump right into a project that needs your attention.
  • All of your team members just an invite away: you don't have to invite each of your team members to every project separately, they automatically become members of all organization's project.
  • All of your billing accessible to the right people, always: your ops team will love the fact that they can easily access billing information, without jumping through any hoops or sharing an account with someone.
Firstly, in your Tenderly dashboard, open the drop-down menu in the top right corner and click on Organizations:
You’ll be taken to the Organizations screen, where you should click on Create Organization:
Next, come up with your organization’s name and slug (naming things is always the hardest part!):
Finally, activate the trial for your newly created organizations and you’re good to go!
Oh, and did we mention that inviting a team member is a breeze? Just click on Members > Add Member, enter the e-mail address of your colleague, pick the permissions, and voilà!
Last modified 1yr ago