Tenderly now supports Wallets as well as Contracts, which means you can use the all-in-one Tenderly platform with any wallet address!

Adding a Wallet to Tenderly

In either a new or existing project, there's a new Wallets tab in the left navigation bar. Paste any public wallet address into the search bar to find a wallet:
Initially, only wallets with an existing balance will be shown, but clicking the Show All button will display the list of all other wallets for the address with zero balance:
You can choose one or more wallets to be added to your project:
On the Wallets page, you can see the wallet(s) you added and their key info:
  • Wallet name
  • Address
  • Network
  • Visibility
  • Type
You can also perform bulk actions on your wallets:

Wallet Actions

When you click on a wallet, you'll see key wallet info and use all of the Tenderly features to perform various actions:
View Transactions takes you to the Transactions page with a pre-applied filter for your wallet:
Simulate Transaction opens up the transaction simulation flow with the From field pre-filled with the wallet address in question.
Configure Alert opens up the standard alerting flow.
Add on More Networks opens up the add wallet flow so you can add wallets from that address on other networks as well.
You can also Rename, Hide, or Remove your wallet at any time.
You can also convert your contracts into wallets (and back again) via a single click - learn more here.