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Transaction Simulations

Transaction Simulations let you preview the exact outcome of a transaction before it is executed on the live network. Tenderly supports cross-chain simulations, allowing you to simulate on 52+ networks in one place.

Tenderly simulates transactions in a virtual environment that is a replica of the real blockchain. This ensures you’re always getting the most accurate simulation results.

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MainnetSepoliaHoleskyArbitrum OneBase MainnetBoba EthereumOptimistic EthereumPolygonAvalanche C-Chain


Learn how to simulate single and bundled transactions via API or RPC.

Use cases

  • Asset and balance changes: Get exact dollar values for all balance and asset changes that will happen.
  • Gas estimation: Accurately predict the gas costs before sending the transaction.
  • State overrides: Modify blockchain conditions like timestamps and contract data to test different scenarios.
  • Preview transaction outcomes: Identify and fix issues that could cause transactions to fail.
  • Access lists: Create lists of addresses and storage slots the transaction will access.
  • Human-readable errors: Get complex errors decoded into explanations that you can easily understand.