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eth_createAccessList - Ethereum Sepolia


Creates an EIP-2930 access list that you can include in a transaction. Use this method to optimize your smart contract interactions. Access lists are a part of Ethereum's EIP-2930, which aims to improve the network's scalability and reduce gas costs by specifying an explicit list of addresses and storage keys that a transaction intends to access.


1. Transaction Object

From Address

The address the transaction is sent from
Example: 0x12345...

To Address

The address the transaction is directed to
Example: 0x12345...

Gas Hex

Integer of the gas provided for the transaction execution
Example: 0xff

Gas Price Hex

Integer of the gasPrice used for each paid gas
Example: 0xff

Value Hex

Integer of the value sent with this transaction
Example: 0xff

Data Bytes

Hash of the method signature and encoded parameters
Example: 0x00000...

2. Block Number Quantity or Tag

Hex block number, or the tag latest, earliest, pending, finalized or safe
Example: latest or pending

Code Examples