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tenderly_estimateGas - Fraxtal Holesky


Calculates 100% accurate gas estimates used by the given, with optional simulation-style state and block overrides.


1. Transaction Call

From Address

The address the transaction is sent from
Example: 0x12345...

To Address

The address the transaction is directed to
Example: 0x12345...

Gas Hex

Integer of the gas provided for the transaction execution
Example: 0x3fa89

Gas Price Hex

Integer of the gasPrice used for each paid gas
Example: 0xff

Value Hex

Integer of the value sent with this transaction
Example: 0xff

Data Bytes

Hash of the method signature and encoded parameters
Example: 0x00000...

2. Block Number Quantity or Tag

Hex block number, or the tag latest, earliest, pending, finalized or safe
Example: latest

3. State Overrides

Key Address

The account to override balance or storage
Example: 0xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2

Nonce Number

Hex encoded 8 byte nonce override for the account
Example: 0x1e91


Data of the code override for the account
Example: N/A

Balance Number

hex encoded balance override for the account in wei
Example: 0x8062461898512542557

State Diff JSON

Mapping from storage slot to override value for that slot
Example: {"0xedd7d04419e9c48ceb6055956cbb4e2091ae310313a4d1fa7cbcfe7561616e03": "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001"}

4. Block Overrides

Number Number

Overrides the block number
Example: 0x129d59a

Difficulty Number

Overrides the block difficulty
Example: 0xff

Time Number

Overrides the block timestamp
Example: 0x18e7ac25d30

Gas Limit Number

Overrides gas limit
Example: 0x1c9c380

Coinbase Number

Overrides block miner
Example: 0xff

Random Number

overrides the blocks extra data which feeds into the RANDOM opcode
Example: 0xff

Base Fee Number

Overrides block base fee
Example: 0x6d974775d

Code Examples