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trace_callMany - Fraxtal


Performs multiple call traces on top of the same block. transaction n will be executed on top of a pending block with all n-1 transactions applied (traced) first. Allows to trace dependent transactions. The first argument is an array of transaction objects (from, to, gas, gasPrice, value, data).

1. Transaction Call Array

From Address

The address the transaction is sent from

Example: 0x12345...

To Address

The address the transaction is directed to

Example: 0x12345...

Gas Hex

Integer of the gas provided for the transaction execution

Example: 0xff

Gas Price Hex

Integer of the gasPrice used for each paid gas

Example: 0xff

Value Hex

Integer of the value sent with this transaction

Example: 0xff

Data Bytes

Hash of the method signature and encoded parameters

Example: 0x00000...

2. Trace Type Array String[]

An array of desired traces, which can be one of the following:

  • vmTrace to get a full trace of the virtual machine's state during the execution of the given of given transaction, including for any subcells;
  • trace to get the basic trace of the given transaction;
  • stateDiff to get information on altered Ethereum state due to execution of the given transaction.

Example: ["trace"]

3. Block Number Quantity or Tag

Hex block number, or the tag latest, earliest, pending, finalized or safe

Example: latest or pending

trace_callMany response example

Code Example

trace_callMany curl

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