Pricing and usage limits

The Web3 Gateway usage and rate-limiting is expressed in Tenderly Units (TU), while read, write and compute requests contribute with different weights to the total.
Web3 Gateway usage is measured with respect to requests your dapp makes to the Web3 Gateway JSON RPC. The requests are divided into three categories, each having different usage footprint, measured in Tenderly Units (TU): Read (1 TU), Write (20 TU) and Compute (4 TU),
To calculate the usage over a period of time, you need to multiply the number of requests by the usage footprint of the request category. For example, if your dapp makes 1000 read requests and 100 write requests, the usage is:
1000 * 1 TU + 100 * 20 TU = 3000 TU
Usage footprint
Read-only requests, such as eth_getBalance or eth_getTransactionByHash.
1 TU
Write requests, such as eth_sendTransaction or eth_sendRawTransaction.
20 TU
Compute requests, such as eth_call or eth_estimateGas.
4 TU
Read Methods
Compute Methods
Write Methods

Usage rate limiting and monthly quota

Depending on your plan, you'll have the following monthly quota and usage rate limiting:
Early Adopters
Monthly quota
25.000.000 TU
100.000.000 TU
Rate Limit
20 TU/s
60 TU/s
included in the plan