Quickstart: Querying blockchain data

Learn how to obtain Web3 Gateway JSON RPC access link and how to quickly query the blockchain data from your browser.
This how-to guide will guide you through using Web3 Gateway to query the Mainnet for the latest block number.

Query Mainnet's latest block number

On the left side-menu click Web3 Gateway. This will open the Web3 Gateway page, presenting the list of networks and Request builder.
Web3 Gateway landing page with list of networks
Below the list of networks, you'll find the request builder.
Step 1: From the first drop-down menu, select Mainnet. Step 2: From the second dropdown, select eth_blockNumber. This JSON RPC method will return the latest block number on the network.
Setting up eth_blockNumber call on Mainnet
Step 3: Click Send Request. The result with the latest block number will show up in the lower pane. Results are shown in JSON RPC response format.
Examining the raw response
Step 4: Click the Decoded tab to see results in a more accessible form:
Examining the decoded response
Step 5: In the Request Preview click cURL and click Copy. The cURL calling the eth_blockNumber will be in your clipboard.
Copying the cURL request
Step 6: Open a terminal, paste the command, and hit Enter. You just interacted with blockchain from your command line!
Output should be similar to the previous one:
Running the cURL request