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Quickstart: Querying blockchain data

Quickstart: Querying blockchain data

This how-to guide will guide you through using Tenderly Node to query the Mainnet for the latest block number.

Query Mainnet's latest block number

On the left-side menu, click Node. This will open the Tenderly Node page, presenting the list of networks and Request builder.

Below the list of networks, you'll find the request builder.

Step 1: From the first drop-down menu, select Mainnet.

Step 2: From the second dropdown, select eth_blockNumber. This JSON RPC method will return the latest block number on the network.

Step 3: Click Send Request. The result with the latest block number will show up in the lower pane. Results are shown in JSON RPC response format.

Step 4: Click the Decoded tab to see results in a more accessible form:

Step 5: In the Request Preview click cURL and click Copy. The cURL calling the eth_blockNumber will be in your clipboard.

Step 6: Open a terminal, paste the command, and hit Enter. You just interacted with blockchain from your command line!

Output should be similar to the previous one:

Running the cURL request