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Tenderly Node

Tenderly Node Overview

Tenderly Node is a fast and reliable production node that enables access to over 12 blockchain networks via RPC. It allows you to send transactions, deploy smart contracts, query blockchain data or other operations without having to run your own node or manage infrastructure.

  • Multi-regional infrastructure (EU & US) ensuring low latency
  • High throughput and graceful rate limits for reliable performance
  • Integrated with Tenderly’s development tools
  • One RPC link for simulating and sending transactions

Custom RPC methods

In addition to supporting standard eth_ RPC methods, you can also use custom RPC methods built by Tenderly to bring enhanced functionality to your dapp:

Get your Tenderly Node RPC URL

Log into the Dashboard, go to Node, and copy the RPC URL of the network you want to access. The access token will be appended to the end of the RPC automatically and will be the same for all of the supported networks.

Tenderly Node

You can connect to Tenderly Node via the HTTP or WebSockets protocols.

HTTP connection


WSS connection


Add Tenderly Node as a provider in MetaMask

Add the Tenderly Node as your node provider of choice in your MetaMask wallet with a single click. Choose the network and click the MetaMask logo button. This action will open your MetaMask wallet and automatically prefill the required settings for adding Tenderly Node.

Click Approve in MetaMask to add Tenderly Node.

Tenderly Node


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