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Using Forks as Testing Infrastructure

Migrate to Virtual TestNets

Virtual TestNets are publicly available!
For new projects, we recommend starting with TestNets.
For automatic migration of Forks to TestNets, .

The examples below show how to use Tenderly to achieve testing against actual Mainnet data with ease. Additionally, you can integrate other Tenderly capabilities into your testing process without needing a local node.

Local tests on top of Mainnet data in the Cloud give a high-level overview of running your local tests against Mainnet data.

Start by exploring the basic first usage of Tenderly API in tests, where transactions performed by your tests are simulated on a Tenderly Fork behind the scenes.

Testing with Tenderly

Explore the following how-to guides for ideas on how to use Tenderly for testing purposes. Learn how to:

  1. Deploy and test a contract
  1. Deploy a contract and optimize the test suite runtime
  1. Reset transactions to isolate individual tests in a test suite

The code for these examples can be found in this GitHub repo.