How to Get a Fork JSON-RPC URL & ID

Learn how to extract a Fork's ID and JSON RPC URL.
You may need a Tenderly Fork ID and JSON-RPC URL at various stages of your development process, from setting up a staging environment to verifying contracts deployed on a Fork.
Learn how to find this information from the Tenderly Dashboard in just a few simple steps.

Access the Fork page

Once in the Tenderly Dashboard, go to the Fork section in the navigation bar on the left:
Access the fork page
This page will open a list of your existing Forks. Click the Fork you're currently working with to access its ID and JSON-RPC URL.
Forks page


The next window will open detailed information about your preferred Fork, including the JSON-RPC URL:
Selected fork page
Copy the URL by clicking it or navigating to the following button:
Copying the JSON-RPC URL

Extract the Fork ID

Next, extract the Fork ID from the JSON-RPC URL. The ID is the last part of the URL:
The Fork ID part
The Fork ID in this example: 9c9a829b-01fb-4c68-8d7b-fcb9d7afdd95
After gathering the Fork information you need, you can use it in your project.